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... During the winter months, you can cut it back to the ground level to allow the bush to regrow. Aggressive pruning will encourage more blooms, as butterfly bushes … Buddleia davidii is a vigorous shrub, which will come back stronger, so you can cut the stems down to 20cm high. Cutting back plants for winter, also makes it a lot simpler to see the real state of deciduous plants, since their leaves are no more. Neglected shrubs may call for a more drastic approach: hard pruning. Cutting Back Trees and Shrubs. As soon as the foliage on the butterfly bush starts to die back (typically after a couple freezing nights), you can cut the stems down to the ground. Instead, prune off only the parts of the bush that are dead. Cutting Back Butterfly Bush. Using loppers and a pruning saw, cut back all stems to within an inch of the ground during the plant's … Otherwise, you can trim branches back to the new leaves or back … Severely cutting back shrubs prior to winter should not be done because the stem wounds can be damaged by cold weather. Shrubs can make a beautiful addition to any yard or garden, but if left to grow on their own, can look out of control. Plants including Buddleia davidii, potentilla, fuchsia, dogwood and wisteria can be tidied up now. Unlike with bushes, late fall and winter are the best times for cutting back … Submitted by The Editors on November 16, 2017 - 9:58am. Most deciduous shrubs that respond well to renewal pruning can also take hard pruning, as will a handful of broadleaf evergreens, such as privet. Although not all garden plants, trees, and bushes ought to be cut back in the winter, howbeit there is a long list of shrubs and trees that you can cut back …

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