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Your right arm really helps to begin, lead and guide the body through the entire 360 rotation. It will be worth the time. I can almost guarantee that with the first few throws, the disc will turnover. The position should be similar to that of backhand, but at a 45-degree angle forward. My little brother, who literally just learned how to throw a forehand, was consistently throwing straight, even forehands 20+ yards. 360 Whip Forehand Instruction and Practice. And even after that, there has been an invention after another, leading to the creation of the ultimate toys we enjoy today. There is a lot of shoulder and elbow in this throw. Pull your straight arm back and bend your wrist back as far as it goes to charge up the throw and spring it forward (still parallel with the ground). By the time you have thrown 20 Ultra-Stars you’ll begin holding hyzer. – wrist snap technique A roller is primarily used on a pull; the opposing team must play from where the disc stops, so if the disc starts rolling, it will go further than if it was just flying in the air and it will potentially cause the other team to start play from a worse field position. Still lots of work to be done but stoked on the results so far. In distance competitions, top backhand distance throwers always use a 360 rotation before the release. This is the same difference you’ll feel with the forehand 360 arm rotation when hucking or pulling. Put your arm out to the side and have your forearm at a 45 degree angle. To change your settings please see our, 02 August 2013 When you release, flick your wrist forward and roll the disc off of your thumb. Pull back and release when the disc is in line with your forehead, keeping your elbows bent the whole time; snap your wrist downwards with your arm following all the way through the motion. Ken’s Toronto ultimate team Darkside, won the first Canada National Ultimate Championship, 1987. To give it a spin, snap your thumb towards the left. 1.Position your arm directly above you and turn it around like you’re opening a doorknob. Players Organizations and resources: USA Ultimate | Ultimate Canada | PDGA | WFDF | Freestyle Players Association | FrisbeeGuru | Flying Disc Museum | Ultimate Rob, Articles:  History of Disc Sports  History of Ultimate Frisbee, This is a text widget, which allows you to add text or HTML to your sidebar. If you’re anything like me, I was never good at following directions. The run-up doesn’t really add that much more to the throw. In 12 minutes you will learn a simple throwing drill designed to increase your forehand distance with an ultimate frisbee disc. A pull is a throw-off that comes at the beginning of the game, immediately after soccer or half-time. So once you’re on the forehand side, toss the disc and then let your thumb do the pushing and the flicking. The top of the disc should be facing your left side. Once you have been playing for a while and have the basic throws down, you may want some more variety in your throwing options. If done right the disc will roll as far, if not further, than you can regularly throw it. Alright, so we have been over the basics. Then un-do all of that in one steady motion releasing the disc. This throw mimics the same type of movement you would do to skip rocks on water. Get the best of the best for the best of the best. Not like the Thumber. The inner part of your disc should be held into place with both your middle and pointer fingers, while the thumb securely rests on the outside. A roller throw is basically an extremely angled flick. If you're anything like the hundreds of other ultimate frisbee players who have experimented with this throwing progression, your throw will begin to show significant improvement within the first hour of practice. Content published on DiscGolfWarrior.com is intended for informational purposes only. When a player releases a disc, any player that’s on the throwing team isn’t allowed to touch the disc, while in motion, only until after it’s touched by a member of the receiving team. This throw would not be ideal for a long-range throw. For this throw, put your index and middle fingers under the disc and your thumb on top. The secret is to have your elbow in front of you at this time. And watch as the disc revolves from the tilted angle to the desirable upside-down position. View the following video to see this pass in action. I can’t say enough how much your free training means to me. I hope to hear from you soon! You should use less tilt for far ranges and more for short ranges. You can easily throw is over the marker if need be. Allowing unmarked passes at the beginning of play, after the pull, can add up to 15-20 missed block or turnover opportunities per game. You can only hold it not more than 10 seconds. This is the best way to learn how to throw, so let’s get started.. (All throws will be explained as if you are right handed), A flick is easy, but takes some practice and commitment. Keeping the disc parallel with the ground is really important. The hammer throw can be lofted over the defense and landed directly onto the intended teammate. Make sure not to touch your left knee or right hand to the ground since the rules state that three contact points may not touch the ground and will result in a call. It is the most generic and natural way to throw a disc. Good for short/medium range. You want a push pass to do the same. This throw resembles the hammer, but as the name suggests, it is thrown primarily using the thumb. Hold the disc upside down and throw it with a bent arm at a slightly upward angle from the ground. Grasp the disc with your thumb on the inside and four fingers on the outside. When throwing a backhand righty the disc rotates clockwise. You will put four fingers in the cup of the disc with your thumb on top. Afterward, position yourself for a throw by ensuring your disc is parallel with the ground. I’m still working on it but the results have been great so far. The hammer throw is a little more advanced that the other two and is harder to control the flight path of the disc. This throw is fairly useless in my opinion. As an affiliate, this website earns from qualifying purchases. Straighten out your hands and put four fingers on each side of the disc. This throw takes a lot more practice than the backhand, but it is the most efficient throw because it takes the least amount of energy and can be released very quickly. Can be used for short, medium-range, and long range if you get good with it. That means you have to get your body under the disc a little by starting the backhand near your opposite shoulder. Be sure to give the disc a slight upward angle to keep it from hitting the ground. 2. Your email address will not be published. Two fingers together underneath with the thumb on top, pushing hard enough to indent the top of the disc. Remember for a perfect spin, your disc should revolve around your fingers and fling off with much ease. The players in these videos are each using slightly different 360 techniques, but all are equally effective. The “360 whip forehand” is thrown with a slightly different release, than a pass. The most common way to achieve this throw is by holding your disc with a slightly bent arm. The Ultimate Forehand Drill was amazing!! 360 Whip Forehand Pull for More Distance and Better Float, “Adding a 360 degree whip to your forehand throw will translate into more control, speed and power.”. A high release is done with an almost straight arm above the shoulder. Flick your wrist foreword while rolling the frisbee off your thumb. We are going to touch on some common throws in Ultimate Frisbee, starting with the basics and moving into some more fun, advanced techniques. You should hold your disc upside down and bring it above your head like a hammer before releasing it.

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