kenneth copeland ministries financial report

That is pretty much perfect. Most of the tags correspond closely to the name of the country. Good job! The new royal government of Marshal Pietro Badoglio signed an armistice with the allies, but most of the country was quickly occupied by the Germans who established a puppet government under Mussolini's leadership, the Italian Social Republic, in Northern Italy with its capital in the small town of Saló, located between Milan and Venice. HOI4 Tags Germany = GER United Kingdom = ENG Soviet Union = SOV France = FRA Italy = ITA United States = USA Japan = ♥♥♥ Sweden = SWE Norway = NOR Finland = FIN Denmark = DEN Iceland = ICE Lithuania = LIT Estonia = EST Latvia = LAT Romania = ROM Yugoslavia = YUG Serbia = SER Greece = GRE Albania = ALB Bulgaria = BUL Hungary = HUN Croatia = CRO Slovakia = SLO Poland = … 2) Same question for Italian Social Republic - if there is no plan for its use, I recommend that it be used for a Communist 'North Italy' state. The Italian Social Republic was the second and last incarnation of the Italian Fascist state and was led by Duce Benito Mussolini and his reformed anti-monarchist Republican Fascist Party. Wow super so that it means after the civil war is over and CSA inherits the USA tag it will switch to the default flag. Btw i use your mod in conjunction with "project flags" and they work together perfectly. Countries in HOI4 are either major countries or minor countries. But to use these console cheats that affect entire countries, you’ll need to know the country tag. HOI4 County Tags come in handy when you are using console commands in Hearts of Iron 4. For example, if Germany gets into a civil war via the Oppose Hitler focus, the German Junta will get the GER tag and the facists will get the D01 tag. When the custom game rule Polynesian Empire, is enabled, the tag HAW becomes United Kingdom of Polynesia; Country Tag Releasable By Al … Never have seen fascist USA so far though even on ahistorical. There is a nice depiction of what would happen if the Communist Party took control of North Italy in this document: When the custom game rule 11th of November is enabled, the tags CAT, GLC, and NAV becomes the Crown of Aragon, Galicia and the Kingdom of Navarra respectively and are Non-aligned. For nations that begin after the start of the game, a new tag is assigned. This also means that if, for example, France goes into a civil war in the same game, the communist side will get the FRA tag, and the democratic side will get D02 (or D03, depending if the Spanish Civil War occurs)

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