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At GSI Outdoors, we help fuel your adventure. One option I like is removing it from the outer insulation and enjoying my after dinner scotch...feels like a whisky glass (not quite but close enough).

Last weekend, while my coffee was getting cold, I said to my wife that we really should find something with better insulation.

I'm a Scouter. 3 colors available. Another nice feature of the Infinity mug is that it has a Sip it lid that has a small opening on the side of the lid.

Used in BWCA, backpacking the Ice Age Trail, backpacking Porcupine Mountains, river/canoe tripping, car camping where I could use a regular cup, but still prefer this one. We have no obligation to an anonymous group of shareholders, a corporate board or anyone but our customers, our reps and each other. GSI Outdoors Fairshare Mug II.

Firstly for those not understanding how steam and pressure works—vent the mug as soon as you add hot fluids to it. It also has a collapsable webbing handle, which is a very nice touch. The mug has cleaned up easily, after use for hot chocolate, hot cider, and milk based drinks. We know that this kind of authentic innovation can only come from one place- our customers.

I own the older version of this mug which had a removable lid and an insulated sleeve, but no handle and no cover over the opening in the removable lid. Hyperlite Mountain Gear Prism Alpine Climbing Kit Review, Tight-fitting lid with closure over sip hole, Handle is a bit tight when wearing gloves, Newer versions have liquid measurements marked. Additionally, the sleeve is made of neoprene-like fabric that dries quickly if it gets wet. GSI Outdoors Cascadian Cup 3.3 out of 5 stars 118. I'll take it on day trips or short weekends, road trips, etc. Not only was it better-looking, it had a webbing handle! $9.99. The Infinity Mug holds 17.5 fluid ounces but weighs just 3.5 ounces, making it light enough for even the choosiest, ounce-shaving through-hiker. If the wife comes out with me, I throw the second mug in my bag. It helps further insulate your beverage and serves as a splash guard. Plus, if you really wanted to save weight, you could leave the insulation behind and save almost a full ounce! At GSI Outdoors, we define innovation not through the use of some new ‘unobtainium’ material, nor through the monumental elevation of a never-imagined widget. Shop camp coffee makers and mugs at GSI Outdoors. Please check out and start a new order or call us at.

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Too bad about the staining. I ordered this item from Amazon, thinking I was getting the Infinity mug that had no handle.  

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I've got a couple of these, and they are perfect to take along.

Thanks for adding to the conversation, Rod. GSI Outdoors Glacier Stainless Ring Cutlery - 3 Piece.

I actually bought another for a friend of mine who climbs professionally in the cold and loved it, he tried stealing mine.

My only complaint was that the lid over the mouth hole did not shut tight, so if you knock the mug over, it would probably spill.

The locking lid and closure are snug. Usually it's in my cupboard for a to-go cup. August 1, 2013. oz. Trailspace's community of gear reviewers has field-tested and rated the top cups and mugs. It's so light you won't notice it and it's in a cozy so it stays warm a long time.

So even though the mug does not look that big, it has a nice capacity. May 3, 2014 Sheila Bergin Goss to, 158 reviews with an average rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars, Add Microlite 350 Flip Vacuum Mug - 12 fl. The one feature I like about this mug is if you throw a folding titanium spork and small salt and pepper shaker inside it and close the lid, it will fit inside a Fairshare Mug. Cons: handle is too big/floppy to safely use as a true mug handle, you always have to slurp coffee off of the portion of the flip down lid that actually seats into the hole or it will drip on your nose when you tip the cup to drink, actual lip of mug could be a bit taller — I envision the edge of the neoprene sleeve getting gross in time.


Glasses, Cups and Mugs; Camping Cups; 3.5 (37) rated 3.5 out of 5 with 37 reviews. Price Paid: $10.67.

Success! Unique design helps prevent heat from creeping up the handle.

You can unsubscribe from REI Co-op emails at any time. Holds up great. I simply add my fluid of choice and put the lid on with the vent open!! We take great pride in our ability to create new and exciting items from products which others believed could not be improved or which they believed were not worth the effort. Tried a few until I found Ozark Trails' 12oz insulated cup, Source: bought it new Since my wife's S2S mug was still intact, I decided to do a head-to-head comparison of these two very similar products. Was purchased as a lightweight mug for day-hiking and backpacking use for a coffee addict. Price Paid: $5.95.

Great metal mug, with folding handles.

It also comes in a variety of colors.

As the company grew, Don, Ian and Kathy Scott made the decision to relocate to Spokane, WA where they have been ever since.

Price Paid: $9.95.

By signing into your account, you agree to REI's, to open cart summary dialog, press down arrow, You’ve reached the maximum items allowed in cart. A hot cup of coffee can make the workday bearable, just think of what it does for a day in the backcountry. Reasonably light mug that works well as a cup or even a small bowl. time.We recommend calling before arriving in our store to ensure stock. The lid can be difficult to remove at first, but after some use it comes off with ease. Thus, the original fairshare cup was born. Wow, that's a lot of detail. It is lightweight, durable, and has served us well for canoe camping and car camping trips. The lid snaps on and off easily, yet stays securely on the cup.   Lightweight and temperature versatile, perfect for coffee and measuring for rehydrating. The GSI mug is 20 g (0.7 oz) lighter, has approximately 40 ml greater volume, will hold liquids hot somewhat longer than the competition, and costs less.

to open cart summary dialog, press down arrow, 46 reviews with an average rating of 4.25 out of 5 stars, Add Microlite 720 Flip Vacuum Mug - 24 fl. but inventory levels cannot be guaranteed. It has never failed me and was so coveted by my group, all four of us now own them.

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