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Defunct AF2 teams — The following is a list of teams that, at one time, played in the AF2. The 10,000-seat Blue Cross arena will be the new home of the Rochester, NY

In a June 2003 interview with Sports Illustrated, AFL commissioner David Baker briefly mentioned the AF2, saying how one day he envisioned the league growing to 100 teams. The conferences were further subdivided into three divisions each. The league champions were the Quad City Steamwheelers, who defended their title with a victory over the Richmond Speed in ArenaCup II.tandings* Green indicates clinched playoff berth * Purple… …   Wikipedia, We are using cookies for the best presentation of our site. Founded in Birmingham, Alabama, the XFL (which is not related to the WWE-backed outdoor league) used East Coast Hockey League ownership to keep team costs low while providing established ownership and arenas for play. The team name was chosen on September 20 following a name-the-team contest. Their season would end one week later, losing the first playoff round to Manchester. the af2 team, working directly with the organization's local staff.

Continuing to use this site, you agree with this. This does not include teams in AF2 when the Board of Directors formed the New AFL in 2010. Following the season, Coach Moss signed a three-year contract with the Orlando Predators as an assistant coach, leaving the Pioneers to find their fifth coach in as many seasons. The rules are the same as for the parent league.

today the addition of six new teams into the league to begin play in the In addition, the AF2 was similar to other minor leagues because AF2 teams played in smaller cities and smaller venues. Many teams were financially unstable and folded.

The Pioneers’ second season got off to the same start that their first one did with an opening game loss to the Greensboro Prowlers. Joel Hupp will serve as the team's Although a logo was developed and venues had begun to be lined up, the league and its nine teams were purchased by the AF2 on July 29, 1999, and the Xtreme Football League never played a single game.

The Pioneers lost only two other games in 2009, one to Tulsa and one to Spokane. With a 3-3 record following the win, the Pioneers were still in the playoff hunt and could secure a berth with a win against the Rochester Brigade or a loss by the Brigade to the Mohegan Wolves the following week. [cite web | url=http://www.arenafan.com/history/?page=abowls&league=2 | title=ArenaCup History] Deemed a success, the league returned for a second season and returned all 15 original teams as well as 13 expansion teams.

For the 2007 season, the league fielded 30 teams. The following is a list of teams that, at one time, played in the AF2. The Wranglers' front office

The Peoria Pirates of the IFL However, when the AFL announced that broadcast rights had been purchased by NBC the ArenaCup national telecast was lost. The team will play at the Several key players returned to the team in 2009, including Ryan Vena, David Davis, and Micheaux Robinson. In the second round, they emerged victorious over the Central Valley Coyotes to advance to their second-ever American Conference Championship, where they overcame defending conference champions Green Bay to advance to ArenaCup VIII.

27 teams were fielded in 2003, 25 in 2004, and 20 in 2005. Fifteen teams were fielded in 2000 with the rights for several more cities quickly secured. There have been many rumors of a possible return of AF2.

The Pioneers then suffered three straight losses and the loss of star receiver Thomas to a broken leg. [cite web | url=http://www.oursportscentral.com/footballhistory/credits/ | title=A Brief History of Arena and Indoor Football]. Lincoln, NE, Peoria,IL and Wichita, KS are the first three cities from the [cite news |first=Mike |last=Lowe |title=Arena football discussed |url=http://sports.mainetoday.com/pirates/stories/060901arenafootbal.shtml |work=Portland Press Herald |date=2006-09-01 |accessdate=2007-03-26] Historically, massive expansions have had little success. [19] After the 2014 AFL season, the Iowa Barnstormers changed leagues from the AFL to the Indoor Football League. Teams were placed in divisions based on geographic rivalries to reduce travel costs as teams played division oppon…

and Allan Vella will be President.

were co-divisional champions in the IFL.

Shortly after the Pioneers lost ArenaCup X, owner Cosmo DeNicola announced that he had put the team up for sale. The Pioneers took a tie game into halftime against the Spokane Shock in the ArenaCup, but the game ended in disappointment again; the Pioneers were denied the ArenaCup. owners as well as two proven sports operators, all with a successful track The Everett Hawks, Alabama Steeldogs, and the Bakersfield Blitz also ceased operations.

Since the original AFL had suspended 2009 operations and later suspended all operations indefinitely after declaring bankruptcy, the minority owners (as the AFL owned 50.1%) of AF2 were wary of being owned by and paying money owed to the bankrupt league's creditors.[1]. Richard E. Berry Educational Support Center, ArenaFan Online's af2 Historical Teams List, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Defunct_AF2_teams&oldid=934330446, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Same franchise as Bakersfield Blitz 2002–2003, Same franchise as Mississippi Headhunters, This page was last edited on 5 January 2020, at 23:45.

The ArenaCup is the af2's championship game, held annually August. However, when the AFL broadcast rights were purchased by NBC, the ArenaCup national telecast was lost.

The ownership blamed itself, rather than the product on the field, for moving games to Friday nights from Saturday nights; they vowed to return to Saturdays as often as possible in 2004. The regular season began on Friday, March 30 and ended on July 28.

In more recent years, the American Basketball Association has exhibited the same situation to an even greater degree.

The Barnstormers currently play in the IFL. af2's Birmingham Steeldogs last season, will serve as team's President and

Like its parent AFL, the AF2 played using the same arena football rules and style of play. Unlike most sports leagues, the alignment of teams into divisions was not even; in 2009, the Central division featured three teams while the West featured five teams. [12][13], The ArenaCup was the AF2's championship game, held annually in August. Fandom Apps Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. League seasons ran from April through July with the postseason and ArenaCup championship in August. Pittsburgh native Rich Ingold, former Quad City Steamwheelers coach and Dallas Desperados coordinator, was hired in this capacity for the 2006 season.[8].

[cite web |url=http://www.af2.com/ViewArticle.dbml?DB_OEM_ID=3525&ATCLID=1415975&SPID=1590&ISWIDE=1 |title=2008 ArenaCup returns to highest seed format |accessdate=2008-03-20 |date=2008-03-20 |work=Af2]. Bouchy will serve as the team's President. In addition, the af2 is similar to other minor leagues because af2 teams play in smaller cities and smaller venues. [2][3], The AF2 was founded in 1999 by the Arena Football League in an attempt to bring the game to mid-sized markets following the success of AFL on the national level. The Pioneers would finish the season with a 6-10 record, the same as in 2002, and without a spot in the playoffs. The Texas, Laredo, and Tri-Cities teams moved to the AF2 from other indoor football leagues.

However, as the old AFL has changed, the AF2 also changed. [5][6], The foundation of the AF2 was a response to the launch of several small-market indoor football leagues in the mid-to-late 1990s, including the Professional Indoor Football League, Indoor Professional Football League, and Indoor Football League. The AF2 started off with 15 teams in 2000, then expanded to 28 teams in 2001, and finally to 34 in 2002. Tulsa relocated to San Antonio before the start of the 2012 season, retaining the Talons' name and history, and the team suspended operations after the 2014 season. The 2009 AF2 season was the AF2's 10th and final season.

[cite web | url=http://www.oursportscentral.com/services/releases/?id=2707574 | title=The Jim Foster Interview Part 1 | date=2000-05-08] [cite web | url=http://www.oursportscentral.com/services/releases/?id=2707585 | title=The Jim Foster Interview Part 2 | date=2000-05-14], The foundation of the af2 was a response to launch of several small-market leagues in the mid to late 1990s, including the Professional Indoor Football League, Indoor Professional Football League, and Indoor Football League.

The team will play at the Riverside It was preceded by 2008.The regular season began on Friday, March 20 and finished on Saturday, July 25. operations down in Baton Rouge. With Jim Foster's patent on arena football, the af2 had the advantage of being the same game as was being seen on the national level with the use of the rebound nets. Citing lower attendances at the neutral site ArenaCup games, the league returned to the original arena arrangement for the 2008 season.[15].

She has over 20 years of various dance training. This does not include teams in AF2 when the Board of Directors formed the New AFL in 2010. grassroots football.

The conferences were further subdivided into three divisions each. The next year they ceased operations. ", http://www.wbspioneers.com/news/index.php?id=69, https://americanfootballdatabase.fandom.com/wiki/Wilkes-Barre/Scranton_Pioneers?oldid=15192.

Defunct AF2 teams The following is a list of teams that, at one time, played in the AF2 . The AFL's Oklahoma Wranglers will operate the Wichita, KS franchise and Players in the af2 are signed to one-year contracts, after the expiration of which they essentially become free agents to sign with whichever league and team they would prefer.

This does not include teams in AF2 when the Board of Directors formed the New AFL in 2010.

The league's teams were divided into two conferences, the American and National Conferences. The league champions were the Tulsa Talons, who defeated the Wilkes Barre/Scranton Pioneers in ArenaCup VIII.tandings* Green… …   Wikipedia, 2000 af2 season — The 2000 af2 season was the very first season of the af2. While the AFL was played in cities like Los Angeles, New York City, Philadelphia, Dallas, and Chicago, the AF2 fielded teams in cities which are part of metropolitan statistical areas ranging in size from Milwaukee (with 1,739,497 residents) to Albany, Georgia (with 164,000 residents). Wilkes-Barre/Scranton also kept up the tradition of winning at home, racking up another perfect season at Wachovia Arena and extending their regular season home win streak to 25.

[cite web | url=http://www.oursportscentral.com/footballhistory/credits/ | title=A Brief History of Arena and Indoor Football] Working on a smaller scale, the af2 would try to capitalize on local and regional rivalries. Also in common with other minor professional sports leagues, players also earned less than in the AFL, with each player making $200 per game. The number of teams the league fielded dropped every year from there on after, until the 2006 season; 27 teams were fielded in 2003, 25 in 2004, and 20 in 2005. The team re-signed several key players from the 2007 squad, including quarterback Ryan Vena. Alignment was subject to change each year as new teams joined the league and others dropped out. [17] Historically, massive sports league expansions have had little success, either in indoor football or other sports. After a 7 year void, the Barnstormers returned to Wells Fargo Arena as an af2 team before joining the top-tier league once again in 2010. After the conclusion of the 2019 AFL season, the Arena Football League filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy and ceased operations in November 2019. In the offseason, the Pioneers signed former Penn State quarterback Zack Mills to lead the offense. ArenaCup 9 will also be broadcast on Comcast.

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